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Learn Why The 12-Panel Drug Test Will Help You Get Your Driver’s License Back In Michigan

12 panel drug test for driver's license restoration in michigan

If your driver’s license was suspended or revoked, there are certain things you must do to restore it (get it back). The first thing you will need to do is get a copy of your driving record to see what is on it. If you could have a ticket or something else on your driving record from another state, you should look at your record from that state. Outstanding tickets and fines from other states could affect your ability get or restore a Michigan Driver's License. You can get your certified complete driving record from your local Secretary of State (SOS) office.

Next, you need a reliable company that can provide you with drug testing for driver's license restoration. Michigan Court Services Inc, is a local trusted drug testing facility helping individuals regain their licenses and comply with mandated programs. Some license reinstatement programs include individual or random testing. Michigan Court Services can schedule, manage random drug testing and help you meet all requirements.

There is no hardship appeal for this offense

Michigan law prohibits drivers from driving under the influence of alcohol, so any refusal to take a drug test is considered a violation of implied consent. Drivers who refuse to take the test are given 14 days to respond to the administrative report. Failure to respond to the notice results in six points added to their driving record and a one-year license suspension. If this is your second denial within seven years, your license will be suspended for two years.

You can schedule your test at a local drug testing facility

If you are currently suspended and need to take a drug test to get your license restored, you'll want to know about the requirements for taking a drug test for a driver's license. A certified professional can administer these tests, or you can schedule them yourself at a local drug testing facility. Michigan Court Services specialize in these type of drug tests. If you're looking to restore your license, you must know that not all drug tests are the same. You'll need to choose a company that has a proven record. Michigan Court Services is your local go to drug testing facility in Metro Detroit.

You will have to undergo a 12-panel urine test to get your license back

While the penalties for operating while intoxicated are much more severe than those for other traffic violations, getting your license restored can be a more complex process. You will have to pass a drug and alcohol test in Michigan to regain your license. You'll need to undergo a 12-panel urine test to get your license back. The urine sample must be tested for alcohol, illegal drugs, and two integrity variables, known as adulterants. The court will send the specimen to a state-approved lab for confirmation.

Finally, you must have the substance use evaluation completed before you request your hearing for driver’s license restoration. A state-approved licensed evaluator does the substance use evaluation. Michigan Court Services can refer you to a licensed evaluator, so if you need a referral contact us at 248-618-0071

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