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Court Ordered Testing in Metro Detroit

Michigan Court Services, Inc has been a trusted provider of court-ordered testing, serving both the public and courts in the Metro Detroit area since 1993. In legal proceedings such as child custody cases, DUI or DWI arrests, and probation drug testing, court-ordered alcohol and drug testing are often mandated. These situations can be stressful for all parties involved, which is why Michigan Court Services prioritizes exceptional service delivered in a clean, safe, and confidential environment. Our dedicated staff members are renowned for their professionalism, friendliness, and welcoming demeanor, ensuring that clients feel comfortable and supported throughout the testing process.

For clients referred by the court, we offer a convenient 24/7, 365-day call-in Hot Line for random alcohol and urine tests. This service allows for flexible scheduling and ensures compliance with court mandates. Additionally, probation officers can easily access records of their clients through our secure portal, facilitating seamless communication and monitoring of testing requirements. To set up access to our court portal or to schedule a random test, please contact us. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to both clients and legal professionals involved in court-ordered testing procedures.

Click below to access our client referral form and take the first step towards efficient and reliable court-ordered drug testing services.

Court-ordered drug and alcohol testing results can make the difference between spending time in jail or not - and can also impact driving privileges, child custody, and other freedoms, making it crucial to get the job done right from start to finish. Our clients trust Michigan Court Services to provide a fast, professional, accurate, and confidential customer experience.

There are many situations in which someone may be legally required to undergo alcohol and drug testing, such as:


  • Child Custody Cases - Legal battles involving child custody may include issues of drug or alcohol use or abuse among one or both former spouses, which are then considered in decisions for the best interest of the child.

  • DUI or DWI Arrests - Arrests or convictions for DUI or DWI often require court-ordered drug and alcohol testing.


  • Probation Testing - Mandated testing as a condition of probation is standard with federal probation, county probation, and drug courts across Michigan.

Court-ordered drug tests will contain detailed instructions specifying the type of test to be administered and the drugs that should be screened for. If sample collection needs to be witnessed to prevent potential tampering or substitution, those specifications will be stated in the court order.

Child Custody Drug and Alcohol Testing

Unfortunately, many of us go through tough life situations such as divorce or break-ups where children are involved. If the living environment also involves illicit drug use, serious decisions must be made to ensure a child’s safety.

Legal battles involving child custody may include issues of drug or alcohol use in one or both former spouses. To protect the children, an ongoing program of random drug testing is agreed upon between the parties or court-ordered. The program may involve testing of either spouse during visitation or custody.


A parent can obtain a court order requiring the other party to undergo child custody drug and alcohol testing on a random or periodic basis. This could entail testing just before or after a period of sole custody. You can register for urine testing or sign up for a random testing program. Contact us at 248-618-0071.

An individual’s drug use, whether occasional or frequent, can endanger a child significantly. Therefore, any allegations of illicit drug and/or alcohol misuse during child custody cases are treated very seriously. A court may refuse custody or require supervised visitations for an individual accused of substance abuse.

For parents concerned about their former spouse or partner's illicit drug or alcohol abuse, they have the right to request drug and/or alcohol testing. The most frequently used tests in child custody cases are the 5-panel drug test, 10-panel drug test, and the 12-panel drug test. Michigan Court Services uses SAMHSA-certified laboratories to ensure your results are accurate and reliable.

Probation Drug Testing

Individuals who have encountered legal issues are often mandated by courts to undergo random drug and alcohol testing for probation. Court-ordered testing may be conducted randomly or on a scheduled basis.

Courts frequently mandate a series of drug tests as a condition of pre-trial services. Probation drug testing varies based on the individual’s offense and the court’s decision.

Michigan Court Services offers accurate and reliable results for drug and alcohol testing that meet pre-trial or probation requirements. We provide an easy system for probation officers to access clients' test results via our secure online portal. Results can also be faxed to a probation officer, the court, or an attorney.

The most common court-ordered tests include the 5-panel, 10-panel, urine alcohol, and EtG alcohol screenings. These tests detect alcohol and commonly abused street and prescription drugs.

Michigan Court Services utilizes the Random Color Code System for scheduling random drug testing. This method is widely used by probation courts to determine who, when, and how often someone should complete a drug and/or alcohol test. An individual on probation will be assigned a specific color and required to call into the probation courts every day. A recorded message will inform individuals of which color(s) and/or numbers must report to a collection site for a random drug and/or alcohol test. Failure to report for a test will result in a violation of probation terms.

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DUI or DWI / Drug and Alcohol Test

Arrests or convictions for DUI or DWI often result in court-ordered drug and/or alcohol testing. Michigan Court Services specializes in these types of testing. Scheduling random drug and alcohol testing service is simple and easy. Call (248) 618-0071. We are open 7 days a week and on Holidays.

Reporting is done the same way for all of our court-ordered testing. Results can be accessed via our secure portal, or we can fax results to a probation officer, the court, or an attorney.

Individuals suspected of, convicted of, or pleading to a driving while intoxicated (DWI/DUI) charge will often be required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing. Others who receive multiple DUI offenses and are likely struggling with alcoholism and/or substance abuse will require ongoing drug and alcohol testing.

There are multiple methods to screen for alcohol use. Michigan Court Services offers Breath Alcohol Testing (BAC) using EBT device, PBT, urine testing, and EtG testing. For more information about these specific tests, click here.

Since 1993, Michigan Court Services has been a trusted provider of court-ordered drug testing and probation testing in Metro Detroit. Our commitment to excellence ensures a supportive environment for all involved, prioritizing cleanliness, safety, and confidentiality. From flexible scheduling to streamlined communication channels, we make the testing process seamless. Contact us today to experience the difference!

When dealing with any company in the Metro Detroit Area, you want to make sure
you are dealing with a company that has a proven record. Michigan Court Services
is your local alcohol and drug testing facility for all your drug testing needs.


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Ladies there are very professional and nice! Have been going there on and off for a couple years.

Great place, clean and staff is always friendly. Thanks 👍

Great place if you need to send your employees to drug or alcohol test! Professional and quick results!

Very clean and no long lines like other places.

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