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DNA Testing - Paternity Test in Metro Detroit

The most commonly ordered DNA test is a Paternity Test to conclusively establish whether or not a man is the biological father of a child. DNA Paternity Testing is the most advanced and accurate method available for resolving parentage for medical, legal, or personal reasons.

With advanced DNA technology, paternity testing is accurate, rapid and affordable. Paternity can now be determined within 1 to 3 business days after the samples arrive at the laboratory. Results are released immediately once the testing is completed.

We offer two types of DNA Paternity Testing which are - Legal Paternity Testing and Private Paternity Testing.

Private Paternity Testing

A private paternity DNA test is an excellent choice if you want an answer for personal knowledge or peace of mind only.  Michigan Court Services will provide the kit for specimen collection and will send samples to the lab. The results of the private paternity testing are not court-admissible. The price for the private paternity test starting at:

  • $189 for duo (1 child, 1 alleged father)

  • $199 for trio (1 mother, 1 child, 1 alleged father)

Other options such as: (2 or more children, 1 alleged father and or mother) are available upon request. Please contact us for custom options and pricing.

Who should consider the Private Test option? 

The private DNA paternity testing is suitable for individuals who wish to find out the truth about paternity before deciding on the next step. The sample collection process is quick, easy and discreet and takes just minutes to complete. Once the lab receives the samples, testing is completed within 1 to 3 business days.

Does the mother need to be tested? 

Testing the mother is optional. The test is absolutely conclusive even if the mother is not tested.

Legal Paternity Test

Legal Paternity Testing (also known as chain-of-custody testing) is intended for court use and is accepted as definitive legal proof of paternity or non-paternity in courts. It can also provide results as proof for child support, custody, immigration, birth certificate, social security, or other legal reasons. 

If the legal testing option is chosen, an appointment will be scheduled for the parties involved for sample collection at a designated Michigan Court Services, Inc chain-of-custody sample collection facility.

The price for the Legal Paternity Testing starting at:

  • $349 for for duo (1 child, 1 alleged father)

  • $375 for trio (1 mother, 1 child, 1 alleged father)

Other options available upon request. This could be (2 or more children, 1 alleged father and or mother). Please contact us for custom options and pricing.

Can the results from the Private DNA Test be used in court? 

There is no difference in the accuracy between the private test and the legal test. However, for results to be admissible in court, proper steps must be taken during sample collection to ensure witnessing and verification, a process called "chain of custody".

Is the Private DNA Test as accurate as the Legal Test? 

The Private DNA Test is just as accurate as Legal Tests and will provide absolutely conclusive results. The only difference between the Private Test and the Legal Test is whether the sample collection is witnessed.

How DNA testing works?

During a DNA paternity test, a mouth swab specimen is collected from the child and the alleged father. Testing the mother is optional. The sample which is collected contains cells, and most of the cells in our body contain a full set of genetic information in the form of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The DNA pattern of the child is compared to that of the alleged father. Because the genetic information of a child is inherited from his/her biological parents, examination of the DNA of the child will conclusively determine whether the alleged father is the true biological father of the child.

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