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Reliable Drug Testing Facilities In Metro Detroit

Who Is Michigan Court Services INC?

Michigan Court Services Inc. is a dedicated drug testing facility located in the Metro Detroit area which has served its community for over 30 years. Since 1993, its team of highly experienced professionals have provided fast and reliable drug testing services for both courts and public needs. Their court ordered drug testing, employee drug testing, DNA paternity testing, and even drug testing for driver’s license restoration provide clients with convenient solutions to a wide array of their drug-related inquiries.

Michigan Court Services Inc. is proud to serve Metro Detroit with fast and affordable solutions to all drug and alcohol testing needs. Read on as we explore some of the services they provide.

Court Ordered Testing

Court-ordered drug testing is a common requirement in various legal proceedings, such as criminal cases, employment screening, and child custody hearings. In these situations, Michigan Court Services INC is the go-to provider of court-ordered testing services in Metro Detroit.

At Michigan Court Services INC, they understand the need for accuracy and speed in providing results. They are committed to offering a fast and reliable service so that you can get the results you need. Visit their website today to learn more about their drug testing services or to schedule an appointment.

Probation Drug Testing

Probation drug testing is an important part of the criminal justice system, providing an effective way to monitor and enforce probationary terms. The process involves taking urine or other bodily samples from offenders, then testing them for traces of illegal substances. Drug use during probation can be a violation of the terms of probation and can lead to further legal action. Michigan Court Services INC offers reliable and accurate testing services to help ensure that probationers are following the terms of their probation. No matter what your needs are for drug testing services in Metro Detroit, Michigan Court Services INC has you covered. Their experienced staff provides accurate and timely results so that you can get the results you need when you need them.

Michigan Court Services INC is dedicated to providing comprehensive drug testing services to individuals and organizations in the Metro Detroit area. Contact them today to learn more about their services.

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