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What Court Ordered Testing Is And Why It's Used in Metro Detroit

Court Ordered Drug Testing in Metro Detroit

Court-ordered testing is a type of probation that requires a person to submit to regular drug tests. The testing is usually done at the approved facility, and results are reported back to the court. Court-ordered testing is often used in cases where substance abuse is a factor, and it can be an important tool in helping probationers stay clean and sober. Michigan court services Inc offers probation testing as part of its services, and probation officers can use the results of the tests to monitor compliance with probation requirements. Testing can also be used to help make sure that probationers are not using drugs or alcohol while on probation. For these reasons, court-ordered testing is an important tool in the probation process.

The Different Types Of Court Ordered Tests That Are Available

EtG is a urine test that can detect the presence of alcohol up to 80 hours after consumption. PBT is a test that uses a handheld device to measure the amount of alcohol in your system. A breath alcohol test (BAT) is a test that requires you to blow into a machine that measures the amount of alcohol in their system. Saliva drug tests are used to detect the presence of drugs in a person's system by collecting a sample of their saliva.

How To Prepare For Court Ordered Testing

If you have been ordered by the court to undergo testing, it is important to be prepared. Michigan Court Services offers a few tips to help you through the process. First, be sure to confirm the date and time of your appointment. You will need to bring a valid photo ID with you on the day of testing. Second, be familiar with the types of tests that may be ordered. Third, do not attempt to tamper with or alter the results of the test in any way. This will result in additional charges being filed against you. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about the testing process, be sure to ask a Michigan Court Services Inc representative for assistance. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you are prepared for your court-ordered testing.

What To Do If You Tested Positive

If you have tested positive for a drug test, the first thing you should do is contact your probation officer. They will be able to tell you what the next steps are and how to proceed. It is important to be honest with them and follow their instructions carefully. Depending on the situation, you may be required to complete a treatment program or attend regular counseling sessions. There may also be other conditions that you will need to meet. Failure to comply with the terms of your probation could result in serious consequences, including jail time. So make sure you understand what is expected of you and follow through with all the requirements.

Bottom Line

Court ordered drug testing is a way for the court to gather information about a defendant or plaintiff in a case. It can be used to help make decisions about custody, visitation, and other family law matters. There are different types of tests that are available, and it is important to know what kind of test you will be taking. You should also be prepared for the test by knowing how to take it and what to do if you're not happy with the results.

If you were court ordered to take a drug test contact Michigan Court Services Inc, they offer a 24/7, 365 day-a-year call-in Hot Line for random alcohol and urine tests. All testing staff are PBT and EBT certified operators. Michigan Court Services, Inc is your local drug testing facility serving public and courts since 1993 offering everyday low prices and exceptional service. Testing hours are offered seven days per week and on Holidays.

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