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How To Reduce Absenteeism and Accidents with Pre-Employment Drug Testing

pre-employment drug testing in Metro Detroit. Drug free workplace meeting.

Pre-employment drug testing is an important cost-effective investment for any company. There are a number of benefits to implementing an employee drug testing program, such as decreased absenteeism, fewer accidents, improved productivity, reduced turnover, and added protection for the company. The cost savings from these benefits can potentially cover the entire expense of your employee drug testing program! Pre-employment drug testing is an important step in ensuring that your employees are productive and safe, and that your company is protected from liability.

Creating A Policy

A business has many options to create a drug-free policy at work. First, all policies should be in writing and effectively communicated to all employees. The policy could be as simple as adding a drug-free provision to an employee handbook stating that the use of illegal drugs is prohibited during work hours and on company property. Additionally, the company may want to consider conducting regular drug testing, especially for employees in safety-sensitive positions.

Improve Productivity

Employees who frequently use drugs or alcohol often miss work or run late more than those who don't use these substances. Additionally, those who use drugs are twice as likely to change employers three or more times in a year. To help curb these behaviors, workers should be held accountable in a drug-free workplace. By instituting a policy that holds employees accountable for their drug use, employers can help to reduce the number of missed work days and improve worker retention rates. Additionally, employees who are aware of the consequences of using drugs or alcohol at work are less likely to engage in these activities. As a result, instituting a drug-free workplace policy can have a positive impact on employee productivity and retention.

Show employees you have a vested interest

A drug-free workplace program is an important way to show employees that you are committed to their health and safety. By providing resources such as confidential hotline numbers or names of treatment centers, you can help employees who have substance abuse problems get the help they need. A successful drug-free workplace program can improve employee productivity, morale, and retention, as well as reduce accidents and injuries. In addition, a drug-free workplace program can help to create a safer and more productive work environment for all employees.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve your company’s productivity, safety, and liability protection, pre-employment drug testing is the solution for you. Contact Michigan Court Services Inc today at 248-618-0071 to set up employee drug testing program and see the benefits firsthand!

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