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Discover Ways Pre-employment Drug Testing Will Save Your Company Time And Money.

pre-employment drug testing at the company in metro detroit mi

Employer Drug Free Workplace Testing

Michigan Court Services, Inc provides pre-employment testing in the Metro Detroit area. There are many situations in which employers need to set up an alcohol and drug testing for their applicant or employee such as post-accident, random testing, reasonable suspicion, pre-placement, return to duty and many other. We are a local family owned drug testing facility serving public and courts in Michigan since 1993. Need to have pre-employment drug testing done? Get in touch, best prices with exceptional service!

Pre-employment drug testing is a cost-effective investment which will save your company time, money and resources in the long run. Employee drug testing programs have a long list of proven benefits, such as decreased absenteeism, fewer accidents, improved productivity, reduced turnover, and added protection for the company. The cost savings from these benefits can potentially cover the entire expense of your employee drug testing program!

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is an essential step in a company's hiring process. This step helps ensure that the right people get the job without wasting company resources. Occupational health providers perform these tests. However, the costs involved in obtaining a positive test result are high. Listed below are the factors to consider when considering pre-employment drug testing. These factors should be mentioned in job applications.

Drug Testing Companies Provide Valuable Advice To Employers Regarding Drug Testing

While most urgent care clinicians are trained to conduct pre-employment drug tests, most do not have the expertise to advise employers on the most appropriate workplace drug testing policies. Occupational health providers are trained to perform pre-employment drug tests, and at Concentra medical centers, pre-employment drug testing is performed by a certified occupational health clinician. In addition to administering drug tests, occupational health clinicians provide valuable advice to employers on workplace drug testing policies, staffing, and facilities.

A Urine Test Is The Most Ordinary Type Of Pre-employment Drug Testing

A urine test may be conducted on a prospective employee after a conditional offer of employment. This test can reveal traces of drugs even if they have worn off or if the individual has not yet used them. Urine tests can also detect other drugs, but a urine test is the most common way to screen for illegal drugs.

Oral Fluid Testing

Another test is oral fluid testing. These tests detect drugs in saliva. Sometimes called "mouth swabs," they are not ideal for long-term drug usage. However, they can detect drug use within hours to two days. Donors must avoid eating or drinking for at least 10 minutes before collecting the sample. When performing a saliva drug test, donors should avoid drinking or eating anything for 10 minutes before providing the example.

The Cost Of The Pre-employment Drug Test Depends On The Number Of Drug Panel Used.

The cost of performing a pre-employment drug test depends on the number of tests conducted, the industry involved, and the position in question. However, drug testing costs are high in many industries, and employers must justify the expense based on safety concerns, reduced productivity, and lower morale. Drug testing has become a standard practice among U.S. employers, and the risks associated with drug use are numerous. On a report to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the combined costs of alcohol and drug abuse are estimated to cost the U.S. economy over $740 billion each year.

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