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12 Panel Drug Test in Metro Detroit - Drug Testing For Driver's License Restoration

12 Panel Drug Screen Near Me - Drug Test To Restore Driver's License in Metro Detroit

If you are seeking to restore your driver's license in the Metro Detroit area, you will be required to take a 12-panel drug test. This test is typically administered by Michigan Court Services Inc, and it is designed to ensure that you are safe to operate a vehicle on public roads. Here's what you need to know about this type of testing.

What is a 12 Panel Drug Screen?

The 12-panel drug test covers a wide range of substances, including both illegal drugs and prescription medications. It is important to note that even if you have a valid prescription for a medication that is included in the testing, you may still be considered impaired if the level of the drug in your system exceeds what is considered safe for driving.

A 12-panel drug test is a urine test that tests for the presence of 12 different drugs, including amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and THC. This type of testing is often used for employment or licensing purposes, as well as for court-ordered drug testing.

If you are unsure whether or not you will pass the 12-panel drug test, it is best to consult with a doctor or other medical professional before attempting to restore your driver's license. They will be able to provide you with more information on the levels of drugs that are considered safe for driving, and can also offer guidance on how to best prepare for the test.

Find Licensed Evaluator

When you are seeking to have your driver's license reinstated after a DUI, the state of Michigan requires that you complete a 12-panel urine drug test. This test must be conducted by a state-approved licensed evaluator, and the sample must be tested for at least two integrity variables (adulterants). Michigan Court Services, Inc uses a State Approved Lab for all testing supplies and sends specimens to the Lab for all needed confirmations. To find a state-approved licensed evaluator in the Metro Detroit area, contact Michigan Court Services, Inc at 248-618-0071.

How to Prepare for the 12 Panel Drug Screen

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your 12 panel drug test goes smoothly. First, make sure that you avoid consuming any alcohol or drugs before your test. Second, try to pee a few times before your test so that you don't have to go during the testing process. Finally, avoid eating or drinking anything for at least two hours before your test.

What Happens if I Have a Positive 12-panel Drug Test?

If you test positive on a 12-panel drug test, you will likely face disciplinary action from your employer or licensing board. You may also be required to participate in a drug treatment program. In some cases, a positive 12-panel drug test may result in a criminal conviction.

If you have any questions about 12-panel drug testing, or if you need help preparing for your test, contact Michigan Court Services Inc today.


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