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What You Need To Know About EtG Testing

EtG testing in Metro Detroit

What is EtG Testing?

An EtG test is a type of alcohol testing that determines if you’ve had alcohol in your system recently. EtG stands for ethyl glucuronide, a metabolite that’s produced by your liver when it breaks down ethanol also known as ethyl alcohol.

EtG testing is used to keep track of alcohol abstinence in a variety of situations, such as court cases, employee drug testing, DUI probation, child custody and many other.

Detection Time Frame

An EtG test is most accurate within two days of drinking, however it can detect alcohol for up to five days if you were drinking heavily. EtG test stays in the urine much longer than in blood or oral fluid, so that makes EtG test the most accurate choice with several days of detection time.

What Does a Positive EtG Test Mean?

A "high" positive EtG test (for example, >900ng/mL) may indicate: heavy drinking on the same day or the previous day and or light drinking on the same day as the test.

Triggers for False Positive on EtG Test

The key to getting the most accurate result from your EtG test is avoiding anything containing alcohol that includes household products such as cold medicines, mouthwash, antiperspirant, hand sanitizer and cleaning products.

Things You Can Do if You Tested Positive on EtG Test

If you have a positive EtG test due to incidental exposure to alcohol, you may be able to retake the test. Always consult with your probation officer if you were court ordered to take an EtG test.

Avoid anything containing alcohol for several days should result in a negative EtG alcohol test result, however if you can’t stop drinking alcoholic beverages long enough to have a negative EtG test, it’s time to seek professionals to help you with alcohol abuse.

Michigan Court Services Inc in Waterford Twp, MI specialize in EtG testing in Metro Detroit area. We are a local privately owned, state licensed substance abuse facility serving the public and courts throughout Michigan since 1993.

Our staff strive to provide professional services in a clean, welcoming environment for our clients with separate testing facilities for males and females. Test monitoring is via closed circuit cameras or personal one on one monitoring when requested.

Scheduling drug and alcohol testing service is simple and easy. Give us a call (248) 618-0071. We are open 7 days a week and on Holidays. Same day service is available and walk-ins are always welcome!


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